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(ESD) Antistatic Blue Mat size 2.00mm

"ESD Flooring Mat Blue size 2.00mm Thickness" these great value, smooth finish ESD Antistatic Flooring mat is ideal for laying on the work benches or flooring in the work shops or laboratories of micro electronic industries. It provides an excellent ESD surface for use within all ESD Mat protected environments, preventing damage from harmful static charges. Manufactured from synthetic rubber, its 2mm thickness double-layer structure consists of a 0.5mm thick static-dissipative surface layer and a 1.5mm thick conductive bottom layer.

Rs. 15820 /each  (Incl GST-18%)



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    ESD rubber mat, also known as esd two layer mats are 0.08 inch thick and has two layers, top one is static dissipative rubber ESD Mat Blue layer laminated to a black conductive rubber bottom layer

  • 2.00mm Thickness
  • 2mm thick double-layer matting
  • Bottom layer is a 1.5mm thick conductive layer Smooth finish