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BSD-101, BSD-102 Electric Screw Driver with Power Supply 36W 1100rpm 220V

This is an economical electric screwdriver which has high performance and excellent quality. Upright type, without heavy power, small volume, light weight; More convenient to carry; With power controller, high stability, it will not be affected by voltage change, can work long hours; The torque precision is accurate, the torque adjustment is from small to large, stepless adjustment, and the speed remains unchanged. Fast speed, simple operation, increase work efficiency. High tech DC high-performance motor, with super rare earth magnet, the motor starts fast, the current is small, equipped with cooling fan and ventilation hole, the motor has fast heat dissipation, and the temperature rise of the continuous operation of the driver is low.

  • nput voltage:220V AC Rated voltage: DC36V Rated power: 36W Torque: 0.51-15.3kgf.cm
  • Idling speed: 1100rpm Applicable screw diameter: 1.6-4 Weight: 445g KIL
  • MODEL: BSD-101(Economic one) Model BSD-101 AC220V Input Voltage DC 36V(power supply model: BSD-36P)
  • Torque (kgf. Cm) 0.6~15 (Lbf. In) 0.52~13.2 (N. M) 0.06~1.47 Repeatable Torque
  • Model are available - BSD-101, BSD-102

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  • These active static eliminator burshes work because, when you mechanically brush a potentially charged surface, the use of conductive brush fibers along with a conductive brush backing allow the static charge to flow into ground.
  • These Industrial static eliminator brushes are primarily used for static dissipation and wiping, dusting, solder removal, circuit board preparation & rework, lead trimming rework and edge connector cleaning.
  • The torque accuracy is accurate, the torque adjustment is from small to large, stepless adjustment, the speed remains unchanged, the speed is fast, the operation is simple, and the work efficiency is increased.
  • Weight 0.450 kg
  • Dimensions 25 × 18 × 7 cm
  • Warranty No Warranty
  • brands BSD